What Thanksgiving Means to Me

Cooking Nourishes My Soul

DrLindaHonet_HeadShotHope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, spending time with loved ones, near and far. I have to admit, Thanksgiving may be one of my most favorite holidays. Not only is it a uniquely American holiday for spending time with family and friends, but it also represents a time for introspection, celebration of loving relationships, and appreciation of life’s many blessings. And of course, I love Thanksgiving because it is about cooking and eating!

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I really love to cook, and I especially love to bake. Odd as it may sound, one of the many reasons I enjoy Thanksgiving is that it allows me to have stretches of focused time to devote to cooking. I haven’t had much time to do much cooking or baking lately since opening my practice. Although I try to bake at least weekly on Sundays, I have really missed cooking meals for my family. Cooking to me is where I connect with my past, where I gather and recollect memories of cooking side-by-side with my grandmother, sharing a bowl of Korean soup in the kitchen with my mother, or exchanging recipes at the kitchen table with my mother-in-law. It is about nurturing my own spirit as I recreate and refashion for my family something delicious and nourishing with my own hands. It is about infusing precious time, energy, and love into this creative, nurturing practice called cooking. Cooking to me is about rekindling the life-sustaining spirit of family and the heartfelt, loving memory of human relationships.

Thanksgiving allows me to take the time away from the practice and focus my energies on just plain, old cooking. I find that cooking is not only creative and gratifying, but it is also immensely therapeutic. I highly recommend it. I have often thought about cooking like a science experiment. I gather the components or ingredients, follow a method, and then get a beautiful end product. I especially enjoy how cooking allows me to customize and innovate a recipe, which I find tremendously rewarding and satisfying. I am always tweaking a recipe so much so that it often becomes uniquely my own.

Thanksgiving is also a time when my children come back home. Not only do I get to cook for them and my husband, but we also hunker down and spend some great quality time together. Hanging out, playing Scrabble, watching movies, or checking out the newest, hottest restaurant in Detroit— all translate to wonderful, valuable time spent together. Being empty nesters, my husband and I deeply cherish these special and rare moments together as a family with our children .

As we fly headlong into the winter holiday season, I hope all of you had a relaxing, comforting, and heart-warming Thanksgiving with your dearest family and friends. I hope you were able to inhale, breathe, pause, and re-energize. I know I have.

Next week, I will be back posting about a few new and innovative skincare products and treatments coming soon to Honet Dermatology/Cosmetic. Until next time…

–Dr. H

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What Thanksgiving Means to Me