Treating Skin Bumps

The Unexpected Way to Treat Chicken Skin and Annoying Arm Bumps (

An interview with Dr. Linda Honet, originally posted from an article by Lindsey Unterberger, Glamour/Lipstick Magazine:

I vividly remember standing in line to get into one of those teeny-bopper dance clubs when I was in high school (dear God, why did our parents let us go to those?), when a guy behind me touched my arm and asked if I was cold. “You’re covered in goose bumps. You must freezing!” he said. It was roughly 90 degrees outside, but I enthusiastically agreed with him anyway.

It was another five years before I finally asked a dermatologist what those goose-bump-looking things on the back of my arms really were. The good news: They were called Keratosis Pilaris (KP), and they were completely harmless. The bad news: Getting rid of them was a bitch. KP is super common, affecting about 40 percent of adults. The rough, scaly bumps occur because a buildup of keratin forms a plug in the hair follicle. There is no cure, but…


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Treating Skin Bumps