Loving Our Children

And Why I Love Children So


It’s no secret that I love children, all children. In the photo, you see my children as babies in 1997. I especially love the babies, where I gladly and giddily would spend a whole day just holding and rocking a baby if I could. The instant emotional bond of hearts, the sweet innocence, and the awe-inspiring experience of life and love while I cuddle and embrace a baby in my arms can never be equaled. Children are truly an amazing and exemplary example of our humanity.

As a dermatologist, my love for children is completely fulfilled every working day. Not only do I treat many adult patients who bring their lovely children to accompany them in the office, but I also see a lot of kids as patients themselves. I have to admit that if you bring your baby to the office, this bundle of distraction may shift a lot of my attention to your adorable child and you may get less of my time. I simply can’t help it, although my staff will make every effort to refocus my professional energies. Although my other specialty is Internal Medicine and not Pediatrics, my general Dermatology practice happily attracts a large pediatric population, which I absolutely adore. So why do I love children? Let me share my reasons with you.

  1. Children are open books.

It is amazing how frankly open and voluntarily vulnerable children are. It’s both amazingly powerful to witness, but terrifying that such innocent vulnerability can be easily taken advantage of. When I look into a child’s eyes, their openness, trust, and innocence sometimes can knock my socks off!

  1. Children are honest.

A child can be brutally honest. And at times, that honesty is jolting, sobering, but oh, so refreshing. If you really want to know the truth, ask a child, but brace yourself. That child’s honesty may not be pretty.

  1. Children are kind and sweet.

I really believe that at the core of each and every child who walks this beautiful earth is innate sweetness and powerful kindness of heart. Hate and negativity are definitely learned behaviors. As adults, we should strive to learn kindness from our children.

  1. Children are rarely judgmental.

When I encounter a young child, I don’t think I have ever witnessed judgment from her or him. In fact, it is often the fear of judgment from others that often restricts the free spirit of a child. Sure, children are honest, but that honesty is often pure without judgment.

  1. Children are brave.

I treat children in my office every, single day. And let me tell you, most children are very brave people. In fact, most kids are braver than their adult counterparts. I have found that as long as I am honest and straightforward with them, no matter how young they may be, they are able to cooperate with almost any procedure or treatment I do in the office despite the pain. I am constantly amazed and astounded at how innately brave children really are.

  1. Children are funny, funny people.

This one is one of the top reasons I love children. They are so, so funny. They can always bring a smile, giggle, or frank laughter to my face because of their amazing sense of humor. Kids are just born comedians, and they like to have fun.

  1. Children are really smart.

I find that parents don’t give their children, no matter how old or young they are, enough credit. I have to admit I often do treat kids like mini adults. I think they truly appreciate it, and they can sense that I hold sincere respect for them as individuals. Kids are really smart beings, and we should treat them that way.

  1. Children usually don’t hold a grudge.

Let’s state a double negative here and note that there is probably not one child that hasn’t been emotionally hurt by another, or even by an adult. Unfortunately, it sadly and most likely happens every day in today’s world because meanness, judgment, and hate are learned behaviors that are pervasive in today’s society. However, I believe that most children are genuinely kind at heart at their core and will forgive because they innately want to be kind. Children want to include and be included, so they don’t and often won’t hold a grudge.

  1. Children possess great instincts.

This one goes along with children being smart, but I find that kids do have great instincts. And these instincts are strong because children haven’t lived long enough in their lives to experience appreciable negativity to doubt themselves yet.

  1. Children are loving.

Friendships among very young children are an amazing thing to witness, because of the tremendous and spontaneous love among them. When one observes children at play, one sees beautiful and poignant human interactions happening. Hugs are given freely. Compliments and admiration are bestowed with enthusiasm. And laughter and joy abound. I often wonder when do we lose all this love for others? How do we get so jaded and untrusting of our fellow man? And how do we preserve, inspire, and encourage this love our children have for others? Sometimes I wish I could simply bottle this powerful love that children bestow so freely to others and be able to sprinkle a little of it at a time where it’s needed the most.

That’s how I view children in a nutshell. What more can I say, except that I truly and devotedly love children? Let’s make it our global priority to love our children, because loving these wonderful little people means a more promising and wonderful future for our world. And remember, you will never ever regret loving a child, because when you do, you will always get some wonderful, powerful love back in return with no strings attached, except of course, your very own heart strings.

–Dr. H

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Loving Our Children