“The Skin-ny”: honetderm.com Blog Series

Here’s the skinny. I have always enjoyed writing and the written word. I am a firm believer in the snail-mail thank you note and birthday cards. I love reading, whatever the medium. I adore quotes and quips. I am awed by the works of talented writers and authors of past and present. As my family members, friends, and staff know, I am a stickler for grammar and punctuation. If I were not a doctor, I think my other calling could have been in editing. So it is not surprising that blogging to me is not at all a chore, but rather a joy, a passion, and a privilege, and it is a natural extension for me as a dermatologist, educating my patients.

Blogging has become our new new way of communicating and educating about skin, skincare, and health on the HDC Website and my blog site. Since our websites have gone live a few months ago, we have been blogging twice a week. One post is written by the staff and me (honetderm.com) and one is written by me solo (drlindahonet.com). Senada has bravely assumed the role of staff blogger and does so alongside me on a weekly basis. In doing so with our twice-weekly blog posts, we hope that the information is helpful and enlightening. Sometimes, the topics are detailed and more medically-relevant, and at other times, the topics may be more trendy and light-hearted. We will pull topics from various arenas, such as patient enquiries, hot topics in the media, or simply conversations that are circulating in the office among the staff. Whatever the case, we are always talking about skin, and we want to engage and teach our patients and readers, so that skin and skincare aren’t such a mystery. So is born “The Skin-ny”, HDC’s blog series, where Senada, the staff, and I will blog every week on honetderm.com. “The Skin-ny” will keep you in the know about skin, skincare, and hot topics circulating around the office and around town.

We welcome you to scroll through our various past blog posts on the two websites (honetderm.com and drlindahonet.com). I will continue to blog solo on drlindahonet.com, and the topics of discussion will be different, but hopefully equally interesting and engaging. Please do sign up to receive regular posts from us to your email, so you don’t miss one. We also welcome any blog topics that you would like to see discussed by me or my staff. You may comment on our posts by signing into Facebook as well. And if you love a post, we would really appreciate your sharing it on Facebook or Instagram or other social media.

Starting in the next few weeks, we will be sharing the staff blog posts as “The Skin-ny”, which will be about trending topics here at HDC. These topics will be about the basics of skin, hair, nails, and health. So keep an eye out for “The Skin-ny”.

Hope you enjoy!

–Dr. H

“The Skin-ny”: honetderm.com Blog Series