Diary of a Dermatologist’s Daughter – Part 3

The Importance of Routines and Healthy Habits

In Part 3 of her series called “Diary of a Dermatologist’s Daughter,” my daughter Jackie reflects on the importance of a routine and healthy habits in today’s blog post. Enjoy!  –Dr. H

IMG_1258.cropHey, it’s me again! Dr. Honet’s daughter reporting to you live from Michigan because I’m officially back from school! Yippee! My days now consist of full nights of sleep, lazy afternoons, yummy food, and an abundance of fun. Just a few days ago, I went to Cedar Point (photo above) with one of my best friends from college (she’s from Ohio)and her high-school friend, and we had the time of our lives. I, of course, was slathered in sunscreen head-to-toe, which I reapplied religiously, over my makeup that already had a significant level of SPF. While my mom did warn me before leaving our house that morning (as all good dermatologist mothers do), she did not have to send me reminder texts throughout the day to remain protected from the sun’s deceivingly evil rays—she knew that she had trained me well in the sunscreen and healthy habits departments. And she was right! I escaped my escapades on “America’s Roller Coast” tan-line free (thank goodness!).

When I was little (and even into today), I never really liked sleepovers, not because I would not have fun, but because it broke up my routine, specifically my nightly ritual. I don’t chant or pray or meditate; it’s not that kind of ritual. Instead, it’s a skin ritual where I cleanse my face with some Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple face wash and my FOREO Luna (great for travel!), pat my face dry, and then liberally apply my Elite UltraLite face cream. I then proceed to apply five different acne creams, lotions, and gels (Finacea®, Aczone®Tazorac®, Ovace®, and Onexton®) on my T area and on my upper cheeks (my problem areas), and then top it all off with a light coat of Restorsea Rejuvenating Day Cream. All in all, this process can take upwards of 10 minutes, which does not even factor in the time I take to floss and brush my teeth with my Sonicare®. I’m sure you can understand how this process is much more pleasant and comfortable within the vicinity of my own home, where all my supplies are laid out instead of jumbled up in a bag. Even if I did sleep over, though, I was always that one annoying kid that would prevent everyone else from going to bed because I needed the light on. While most girls would just brush their teeth (if they remembered) and go to sleep, I would be up for a good 15 to 20 minutes after everyone else put their heads on the pillows and cocooned themselves in their blankets. Despite the sleepy disgruntlement aimed at me for keeping others awake, I still remained faithful to my regimen. My mother had taught me the importance of healthy habits and keeping to your skincare routine, and I believed in it so greatly that I refused to forego it even for one night.

This strict adherence to my ritual follows me even into today—I mean, when I went on my backpacking, camping trip before college, I still brought face wipes and a tiny tube of Aczone® into the woods with me. It takes a lot more than some grimy dirt, pesky mosquitoes, and no running water to keep me from my skincare regimen.

My dermatologist mother didn’t just teach me to apply my creams nightly or wear sunscreen even if you can’t see the sun (We all know about burning on cloudy days, right?). She truly taught me to have healthy habits in all aspects of my life. Eat my vegetables. Get enough sleep. And exercise. And so I strive to get my five-a-day of fruits and vegetables, everyday. I wake up each morning at 8:30 to get my day started off right (even in these lazy days of summer), and go to bed at a time that will keep me well rested. I exercise everyday, no excuses. While this may seem like an odd lifestyle for a sophomore, soon to be junior, in college, especially on her summer days off, to me, it’s normal and keeps me sane and happy.

My devotion and discipline to this healthy lifestyle and routine come directly from my being raised with such an emphasis on taking care of my skin. The mindset that pushed me to spend that extra twenty minutes to take care of my skin every night really is now the same mindset in which I live my entire life. Sure, it may take a little extra effort, but let me tell you, the payoffs are extraordinary. Happy, healthy, and most importantly, zit-free, beautiful skin!


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Diary of a Dermatologist’s Daughter – Part 3